Vintage Theatre | A moving portrayal of high-stakes family drama
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A moving portrayal of high-stakes family drama


A moving portrayal of high-stakes family drama

Review by Deb

When it comes to family drama, the stage is familiar territory. There are many successful plays that capitalize on the poignancy and familiarity of troubles at home, each with it’s own unique cast of characters and deeply upsetting secrets to reveal. However, as recognizable as the family troubles in “Other Desert Cities” may seem at first glance, it’s actually a surprisingly resonant, deeply felt production featuring a fine ensemble of truly talented actors. It’s a perfect fit for the smaller, intimate black box space at Vintage Theatre, and you can catch this impressive production through March 1.

To begin with, the plot of “Other Desert Cities” has quite a few secrets to reveal, much like any family gathering where too much alcohol is served. The story centers on the Wyeth family – Lyman and Polly are the parental figures, while Brooke and Trip are their two grown children, each visiting for Christmas from their respective homes in New York and Los Angeles. Also in the home is Polly’s sister, Silda, a recovering alcoholic depending on her sister’s family for support and care.

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