Vintage Theatre | Funny Girl
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Funny Girl

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Funny Girl

Review by Dave Perry, Aurora Sentinel

After more than a generation of sound sleep, regional theaters across the country are bringing the musical story of American comedy icon Fanny Brice back to life. And the life of one of the country’s most endearing, albeit not enduring, comediennes is filling up almost all the boards of Aurora’s Vintage Theatre.

Few people these days know much about Brice, although almost everyone alive in the 1960s can sing practically every word of at least two of the classic songs from the musical about Brice’s amazing life. “People” (who need people) and “Don’t Rain on My Parade” are foundations of the American musical lexicon. Far fewer recall or ever heard of Baby Snooks, a radio comedy show once as prominent as “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and faded for most of America, just about as fast. For most of us, the now-obscure play is all about Barbara Streisand as Brice in the movie version of “Funny Girl.” And that’s how the Vintage “Funny Girl” comes off.

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