Mile High 24

Mile High 24

Mile High 24 is back!

Here’s how it works:

8 playwrights will assemble at 7pm on Friday, June 26th and randomly draw genres, actors, and one other fun wrinkle Gene Kato has dreamt up. Once the parameters are set – the writers go away and write a 12-minute scene. At 7:00 am the next morning, they hand their script over to a director that has been randomly drawn, confer with them for an hour, then go home (to sleep).

While the playwrights are sleeping the directors and actors rehearse, design, beg, borrow and steal props, set pieces, and costumes—all in a race against the clock to get offbook and make the scene somewhat coherent. At 7:00 pm, the shows go up in front of a live audience—ready or not. Then, they do another show at 9:30 where they get a second chance to get it right.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the lights will flicker at 11 minutes and drop completely to black at the 12 minute mark? Maybe the last line of the scene will make it in…maybe not. How’s that for a trip into the pressure cooker?

Don’t miss what is sure to be a yearly event announcing the end of one theatre season as actors and directors prepare for another!

24 Hours! 8 plays! 8 Directors! 24+ actors! What could possibly go wrong?!!!

This year there is an additional twist – the scenes are “lost scenes” from 8 famous films!! Also, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Denver Actor Fund!!!

***NOTE*** Tickets will go on sale March 1st at 10:00 am.  Click here to purchase tickets