Vintage Theatre | Rabbit Hole Review
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Rabbit Hole Review

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Rabbit Hole Review

3.5 (out of 4) stars!Review by Claire Martin, The Denver Post

Vintage Theatre’s production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama “Rabbit Hole” is a searing, brilliant examination of grief, anger and the ethereal promise of hope.

Haley Johnson, who was brilliant as the suicidal daughter in last year’s “‘Night, Mother,” plays Becca, a pleasant woman we meet as she folds a little boy’s superhero T-shirts and tiny pants. She is listening to her ditsy sister, Izzy (Maggy Stacy), ranting about a woman in a bar.

There’s a reason Izzy is spinning out the bar tale: It’s to avoid the hulking presence of someone who’s notin the room. Eight months earlier, Becca’s 4-year-old son was killed when he dashed into the street after his runaway dog.

That horrific death haunts Becca and her empathetic husband, Howie ( Marc Stith, who was a formidable presence in “Lobby Hero”), and is slowly ripping them apart.

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