Review: ‘Other Desert Cities’

Review: ‘Other Desert Cities’

Review by David Marlowe

Marlowe’s Musings

“Other Desert Cities” Is a Pulitzer Prize nominated drama with a deliciously unpredictable script.  Playwright Jon Robin Baitz has done a masterful job of penning a script that makes audiences do a complete reversal of their preliminary vision of his characters in Act Two.

     After being gone for six years, Brooke Wyeth returns to her parents’ home in Palm Springs, California with her new novel in hand. It’s Christmas and Brooke announces to her parents that she’s about to publish “a memoir” describing a tragic event in the family’s past that opens a deep emotional wound.
     Molly Killoran portrays Brooke Wyeth with the exact right petulant look and peevish expressions as the rebel of this dysfunctional family.
     Jan Cleveland portrays Brooke’s mother, Polly, as a witty if bigoted conservative at the top of the play and later as a furious matriarch as her daughter’s unforgiving assertions intensify.

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