Vintage Theatre | Review: UNMarried in America
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Review: UNMarried in America

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Review: UNMarried in America


“Same-sex marriage is one of the most dividing issues facing the country today. With the upcoming ruling from the Supreme Court, it’s a topic still broadcast on nearly every news station across the country and an issue that many people are highly passionate about, with strong opinions on both sides. With issues like this, ones that reach deep into an individual’s personal beliefs, artists of all types can find inspiration. And, in 2008, when California famously passed Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage, inspiration is just what K.D. Carlson found.

Much like the rest of the country, Carlson found herself sucked in by the dramatic testimonies and stories from the famous Proposition 8 appeal hearings and began to put pen to paper. Her play “UnMarried in America” was first presented in Aspen, with director Wendy Moore at the helm. It then traveled to the Colorado Community Theatre Coalition Festival in Salida, where it won nine awards, including Best Ensemble, Best Director and the People’s Choice Award. From there, Vintage Theatre’s Artistic Director Craig Bond decided to give the play a full staging at his Aurora Theatre, where it opened May 8 to standing ovations and an enthusiastic audience.”

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