Vintage Theatre | Sunset Boulevard gets it exactly right!
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Sunset Boulevard gets it exactly right!


Sunset Boulevard gets it exactly right!

REVIEW: Vintage Theatre’s ‘Sunset Boulevard’ is an affecting, artistic triumph.

By Patrick Dorn

The most seductive and damaging temptations in producing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sordid musical Sunset Boulevard are to idolize the show’s aging silent screen legend Norma Desmond as some kind of tragic diva, or to make it a star vehicle. The pathos of this fading star, and thus the show’s success, depends entirely on the audience’s belief that this actress never really was as talented as her fame suggested, really has lost it, and any hope of a comeback is futile.

Congratulations to Vintage Theatre, directors Craig A. Bond and Evgueni Mlodik, and especially the extraordinarily gifted singer-actress Marcia Ragonetti, along with fellow co-stars Drew Hirschboeck, Miranda Byers, and Wes Munsil, for getting it EXACTLY right.

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