Vintage Theatre Has a Monstrous, Hilarious Hit

Vintage Theatre Has a Monstrous, Hilarious Hit

BWW Reviews: Vintage Theatre Has a Monstrous, Hilarious Hit with YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, The Musical!

Review by: Michael Mulhern,

Let’s face it, a show can contain humor, but the side-splitting comedy is all in the timing and that’s exactly what these talented actors demonstrated in this hilarious production of Young Frankenstein. With Deb Flomberg at the helm, this cast hit every comedic mark, every musical note, and every naughty sexual suggestion that make this genius work by Mel Brooks so great and the ultimate cult classic. From the very start with the acapella barbershop announcements (that I wish would have been performed live rather than recorded) to the first big energetic and humorous musical number (Happiest Town in Town), the audience knew that they were in for a good time.

It was also the perfect casting of the lead roles that truly made this show great and the fact that they made each of their characters quirky, unique and hilarious. If I had one critique, it would be that when I go to a musical, I like to have a listing of the musical numbers in my program. Not only do I like to follow along (and mark those outstanding songs, but this also helps to alleviate antsy audience members in an elongated first act. There are way too many memorable moments to name, so I will just insist that you witness this comedic gem for yourself!

Some of the outstanding musical numbers include – The Happiest Town in Town, Please Don’t Touch Me, Together Again (for the First Time), Roll in the Hay, He Vas My Boyfriend, Transylvania Mania, He’s Loose, Listen to Your Heart, Surprise, Man About Town, Puttin’ on the Ritz, and Deep Love.

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