Vintage Theatre | Workshops
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Bring our experts into your classroom to work with your students in a variety of different workshops designed for students in grades Pre-K through 11th Grade. Our Education Coordinator can also work with you to help design a specific workshop to meet the need of a particular subject or unit of study. Prices for our workshops start as low as $100. Contact our Education Coordinator, Pamela Clifton at or call her directly at (303) 537-7233 for more information.

Available Workshops:

  • Playmaking, Pre-K through 5th Grade
  • Storymaking, Pre-K through 4th Grade
  • Historical, 1st through 3rd Grade
  • Creative Dramatics, 1st through 4th Grade
  • Character Creations, 2nd through 8th Grade
  • Improvisation, 5th through 12th Grade
  • Acting on Camera, 4th through 12th Grade
  • Never Fear, Shakespeare is Here, 4th through 12th Grade
  • Stage Combat, Pre-K through 12th Grade
  • Physical Comedy, 3rd through 12th Gade
  • Playwriting, 3rd through 12th Grade
  • Auditioning, 4th through 12th Grade